What does a software tester do?

A software tester is a specialist in the field of information technology who performs extensive software testing for program errors, bugs, defects or malfunctions and problems of computer software and applications that may affect their performance. A software tester deals with all the tasks involved in testing software to ensure that it runs without errors after a software has been programmed by the software programmer. A software tester is also responsible for the quality of the software before it can be released to the public.

What are the typical tasks?

  • Creation of concepts for optimal software testing
  • Troubleshooting new PC programs, apps or websites
  • Performing functional system tests and performance tests
  • Optimization and perfection of software tests
  • Ensuring the quality of server applications

What does a working day look like?
As the name suggests, the working day consists of testing a software. The work as a software tester does not only include running through a program and searching for errors, but also the compilation of concepts that represent an optimal software test. You master the test tools like no one else and are a professional when it comes to technical comprehensibility.
If, for example, it is clear in the morning after the meeting which software is to be tested, it is the task of a software tester to create methods for troubleshooting and start test runs.
In your job as a software tester, finding bugs means not being the bogeyman who always has something to complain about, but completing the project as flawlessly as possible. Because every avoidable problem leads to greater customer satisfaction and this ultimately guarantees the success of a company. However, you are not only the great discoverer of errors, but you also have to be able to document them in order to improve the test system.
After the To Do’s of the day have been completed, everything is documented for tomorrow and prepared so that you can start immediately in the morning. Then it was a successful day.

What are the special features that need to be considered?
Since not everyone can be an IT expert, you should also have interpreting skills. For example, if you have to explain something in the executive suite, it’s best to avoid using technical jargon. However, if you work side by side with programmers, you should not only throw technical terms around, but also provide calm communication skills.
In your profession as a software tester you are the contact person for test methods and test tools. This requires not only special knowledge, for example in different scripting languages, but also stamina. The time available for testing is limited by deadlines, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend days brooding over a single problem. The challenge as a software tester is therefore to continue to work patiently and carefully at this point. Even if you have to enter a command in a continuous loop, this is no reason to throw everything away and leave. You should accept the fact that a reliable test needs more than one run, as well as the perseverance when you have to test the same setting endlessly until everything works.

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