The importance of paraverbal communication for remote workers

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2 min readMay 12, 2022


Paraverbal communication is used where information is mainly only heard. The main issue here is HOW something is said. So how can remote teams in particular can communicate in the best possible way when their focus is sometimes only on the voice?

Important parts of communication are missing when communicating mainly online.


The term paraverbal comes from the Greek term “pará” which means “beside”. With that we have already completed the explanation: Paraverbal describes everything that is transmitted together with language.

paraverbal communication in remote teams

Verbal and non-verbal communication are probably common terms for most of you. Paraverbal communication on the other hand is often underestimated. Or completely forgotten in this context. Wrongly. Communication with team colleagues and superiors has taken place much more in the digital world. Not least due to the Corona crisis. There is an increasing interest in outsourcing possibilities and the use of remote workers. This proves that paraverbal conversation needs a stronger focus.

Remote teams communicate mainly online. But what works in the real world can quickly become an obstacle in digital dialogue. Important parts of communication such as smell, physical proximity are missing here. Sometimes even facial expressions (in purely audio meetings). This fact complicates the natural way of communication. To not lose contact with your team all team members should consider a few tips for future online meetings.

Examples of good paraverbal communication


Can range from quiet to loud. Try to find a healthy balance in your online gatherings. Both a voice that is too loud and a voice that is too quiet can cause the other participants to lose interest. A healthy and pleasant mediocrity creates trust and acceptance in your team.

tone of voice

Can range from low to high. In Germany we say “The sound makes the music”. For example: a trembling voice conveys nervousness, an aggressive voice seems threatening. Everyone in the team finds a calm and gentle voice to be pleasant and positive.

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