The following four values define the agile manifest:

1. individuals and interactions are above processes and tools
Because it is the people who react to requirements and drive the development process forward. Otherwise, people could just stick to the processes and respond less well to changes and the needs of the customer.

2. functioning software is above comprehensive documentation.
When working agile, documentation should not be abolished, but only the most necessary should be documented. Employees should be given what they need to get the job done without going into too much detail.

3. cooperation with customers is above contract negotiations
In agile project development, the customer should be involved in the development from the very beginning. Often the development starts with contract negotiations and ends with acceptance. In agile development, customer requirements can be considered during the process.

4. reacting to changes is more important than following a plan
In the development of products where changes in requirements play an important role, it is clear that these changes must be reacted to quickly and flexibly in order to implement the customer’s requirements.

The agile litmus test
To be agile, you have to be able to ask yourself: “Is this agile? If doubts arise, the following questions can be used to find out whether the practice, the process or a tool is agile. If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then it means that they are agile! If you answer “no” to a question, ask yourself: What can I do to answer “yes” to the question?

  1. does what we do support the early and continuous delivery of valuable software?

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