The benefits of using Scrum for Marketing

  1. dealing efficiently with changing priorities
    In agile development, it is possible for the team to focus on a big picture where smaller projects are realized. Because adaptability is also an important factor in marketing. If a team can then use the Scrum method to set priorities more easily and can rearrange them at any time without losing sight of the goal, this is a great advantage.
  2. recognize problems earlier
    Through constant communication, every step in the agile approach is discussed between the team members, so that problems can be detected and solved quickly. In order to speed up the problem solving process, the team searches for a solution and the workload is distributed among all.
  3. a motivated team
    In order not to get lost in organization and processes, one should also think of another important element: communication. Working with Scrum promotes communication with the team and helps to make strategic communication faster and more effective.
    Furthermore, everyone is happier when everyone knows what is happening and how individual success contributes to the success of the project.
  4. improved customer service
    In Scrum understanding the customer is one of the most important aspects, therefore it should not be overlooked. The needs of the customers should be the focus and a central Scrum mentality promotes effective cooperation.
  5. setting realistic timetables
    Because Scrum allows you to estimate the total work, it is easier to judge which work can be done each week. Thus it does not happen that the customer is promised more than can be kept.

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