The 10 best Product Management Tools in 2021

There are many challenges to overcome when it comes to product planning. We have collected 10 Product Management tools to simplify processes, collaboration, analysis, and feedback.

What are Product Management Tools?

Product management tools are software applications designed to help teams execute the phases of the product lifecycle. They are designed to help with planning, research, development, launch, and evaluation. Product Management Tools are used for various tasks.

10 Tools for easy Product Management in 2021

1. User tracking and analysis tool: Amplitude

These tools provide information about the users and visitors to the site and how they interact with the product or content. The product analytics platform can capture what customers and users do on the site and how they behave.

Amplitude also brings insights into what resonates with users and what doesn’t.

2. Roadmapping software tool: ProductPlan

Roadmapping is also important for product management. Working with a tool makes the work faster, more effective, and more flexible. The tool supports project tools in product strategy and helps the team focus on the vision and goals. Possible integrations include Jira, GitHub, Slack, PivotalTracker, Trello, Azure DevOps, Confluence, and Microsoft Teams.

The tool also offers various product specification templates. There are templates for launch plans, executive portfolios, and various strategy templates…

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