Communication and virtual teams in the home office

Virtual work cannot take place in the same way as in the office, because the collaboration does not take place in person but with the help of tools.

There are different ways to communicate meaningfully:

  • Task management with e.g. Jira

For example, a task can be created in Jira, which can then be discussed with Microsoft teams. Then you could create a document and edit it together in the video conference (using screen sharing).

But the virtual meeting also offers advantages, such as avoiding simultaneous confusion. If you are not speaking, you can mute your microphone so that there is no disturbing background noise.

Aspects that also play an important role in virtual teams

  • Trust
    Trust is the most important element of a successful team. The team leader contributes to whether the work in the team is based on trust.

With good planning, virtual teams can function as successfully as others.

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