What is Business Intelligence?
Business Intelligence (BI) uses technology-driven processes to analyze data and present information. These are designed to help make informed, strategic and tactical business decisions. Business Intelligence also refers to tools that provide easy access. The tools help analyze the data and present the results of the analysis in summaries, dashboards, data visualizations, maps and charts to provide comprehensive information about the business.

Business Intelligence Example
If a company wants to make optimizations to the supply chain, the first step is to determine where delays, etc. are occurring, and the BI function helps with this.

Why is Business Intelligence important?
Data analysts and IT experts originally used BI. They performed analysis and created reports. Increasingly, however, executives and employees are using the platforms. Along with Big Data, analytics are becoming increasingly important.
Business Intelligence tools can help make more informed decisions, optimize internal business processes, and increase business efficiency. As mentioned above, BI can also help identify issues and uncover trends.

The job of the Business Intelligence Analyst
The job of a business intelligence analyst is to design, develop, monitor and control the BI system in the company. He collects the data and evaluates it so that insights can be gained based on the data. He is also responsible for technical aspects, such as defining requirements or developing applications.

The use of business intelligence to make business decisions is an ongoing process in which the business analyst collects data, visualizes it and finally evaluates it.

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