What are agile metrics?
Metrics are standards for measuring how productive the team is in every phase of the project. They also help the team to evaluate the quality of the software product.
In this way, the team’s performance can be monitored and errors or gaps can be detected right at the start.

Why are agile metrics important for your project?
They help to understand the development process and later when the software is released.

Development relevant metrics
The key figures are intended to monitor the development process. They help the team to have an overview of deadlines, quality and effectiveness of the work and to be able to make continuous improvements. Here are some agile metrics:

  • Velocity
    The Velocity Chart measures the average work done by a team during a sprint. The more iterations there are, the more precise the forecast is. To ensure consistent performance, it is important to monitor the speed. Because if the speed decreases, it means that the team has to fix something.
  • Sprint Burn down Chart
    Because a sprint always has a certain duration, it is important to track the progress of the tasks and also the accomplishments during the course of the sprint. Time and remaining work are the most important measures. The units of measurement are either hours or story points. The goal is to complete the workload by the end of the sprint.
  • Release Burndown

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