Agile HR Management

What is agility?
Agile leadership

Companies have to react quickly to changes, which should be made possible by an agile transformation. This also includes HR.
Because on the way to an agile company, agility must not be neglected in HR management.

What is agile HR work?
Agile personnel work should take on a supporting role. With different methods the independence of the teams should be strengthened.

Task of agile HR Management
In contrast to the classic responsibility, namely to ensure the quality of the employees, HR management in an agile environment is responsible for advising them together with the product owner on how they can make the team more productive. Because the HR team should make sure that the employee knows where he stands and what role he should take on.
The HR team should take on a supporting and developing role and if possible involve the team members in the selection of future employees.

Criteria for the new design of HR structures

  • Customer focus: What the customer really needs is the most important thing here. Offers and programs make sense when there is a need for them
  • Flexibility: All offers should be flexibly changeable. It is also important to test new ideas early and to discard ineffective ideas.
  • Self-help: HR should serve as a consultant and motivate employees to help themselves
  • Hierarchies: The hierarchies should be flat, this promotes the self-responsibility of employees.

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