Time management is part of project management. Project managers must ensure that the team is always organized, effective, and on time. After all, time is a scarce resource in any project. …

Perhaps you are considering becoming a project manager or are already working in project management. In a project, there are several benefits and challenges for the project manager.
Project managers organize teams to achieve a specific goal or complete a project. …

Pharmaceutical companies have many challenges to overcome when it comes to marketing their products. Because there are strong regulations, but there are also many pharmaceutical marketing strategies that you can use to gain attention for your products. …

What is Societal Marketing?

Societal marketing puts human welfare first, not profit. Social responsibility is paramount, so a Societal Marketing Concept develops a marketing strategy that adds value to customers to improve the well-being of customers and society. It is an advanced form of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable marketing.

Societal marketing creates…

What is a virtual team?

A virtual team consists of a group of people who interact with each other through electronic communication. They can be in the same place, but most often the members of the team are in different locations. They can work from different geographical regions. So people work together without physically sitting…

In order to deliver valuable products to the customer, it is necessary to support your team to deliver the products in short time frames, to get quick feedback, and to be able to make continuous improvements. …

There are many challenges to overcome when it comes to product planning. We have collected 10 Product Management tools to simplify processes, collaboration, analysis, and feedback.

What are Product Management Tools?

Product management tools are software applications designed to help teams execute the phases of the product lifecycle. They are designed to help with planning…

There are many different aspects to consider in Product Planning. This is part of the Product Manager‘s job. He must create a product with the help of the right resources, and product planning is the essence of project management.

What is Product Planning?

Product planning is about all the internal decisions, steps, and tasks…

The goal of a software developer and the development team is to offer the customer the greatest possible benefit. First of all the purpose of agile principles is to help teams to focus on their goals using simple techniques.

Benefits of using the Scrum principles

Scrum teams continuously create the highest priority functionalities of a software product. With the Scrum way of working you have the following advantages:

  • fast innovations
  • the implementation of ideas goes faster
  • more satisfaction of the customers
  • increase of the motivation of the employees

→ If you want to know more about this, check out our blog: https://bit.ly/3lAykTQ

Scrum is a framework and agile method that is all about team collaboration. It is mostly used in software development, but you can also apply it to other teams. Scrum is about shared structures, meetings, and teamwork in general. …

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