In order to deliver valuable products to the customer, it is necessary to support your team to deliver the products in short time frames, to get quick feedback, and to be able to make continuous improvements. The Scrum Master is responsible for all this and more, so his role is very important in agile projects.

What is a Scrum Master?

A Scrum Master is responsible for implementing the Scrum framework. He helps the developers and the product owner to achieve common goals. For this, he supports the team to work together and helps to get problems out of the way. In other words, he or…

There are many challenges to overcome when it comes to product planning. We have collected 10 Product Management tools to simplify processes, collaboration, analysis, and feedback.

What are Product Management Tools?

Product management tools are software applications designed to help teams execute the phases of the product lifecycle. They are designed to help with planning, research, development, launch, and evaluation. Product Management Tools are used for various tasks.

10 Tools for easy Product Management in 2021

1. User tracking and analysis tool: Amplitude

These tools provide information about the users and visitors to the site and how they interact with the product or content. …

There are many different aspects to consider in Product Planning. This is part of the Product Manager‘s job. He must create a product with the help of the right resources, and product planning is the essence of project management.

What is Product Planning?

Product planning is about all the internal decisions, steps, and tasks needed to develop a successful product. It consists of all the actions that you need to take to introduce the product and also to market it.

It is the process of identifying and implementing new product ideas. The goal is to align the company’s assets and operational factors. …

The goal of a software developer and the development team is to offer the customer the greatest possible benefit. First of all the purpose of agile principles is to help teams to focus on their goals using simple techniques.

Benefits of using the Scrum principles

Scrum teams continuously create the highest priority functionalities of a software product. With the Scrum way of working you have the following advantages:

  • fast innovations
  • the implementation of ideas goes faster
  • more satisfaction of the customers
  • increase of the motivation of the employees

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Scrum is a framework and agile method that is all about team collaboration. It is mostly used in software development, but you can also apply it to other teams. Scrum is about shared structures, meetings, and teamwork in general. To measure this and to be able to make optimizations, there are the Scrum metrics.

What are agile Scrum metrics?

Metrics are measurement standards. In agile projects, the metrics can be powerful tools for planning, reviewing, adjusting, and understanding progress over time. From the success and failure rates, the Scrum team can see whether it needs to make optimizations or if the team did a good…

Today it is no longer necessary to spend weeks testing a finished software for functionality. One can easily find out if the application meets the requirements using the Behavior Driven Development technique. Here, you view the software from the user’s perspective. This promotes cooperation between developers, quality managers, and the customer.

What is Behavior Driven Development?

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) or also called Specification Driven Development is a technique in agile software development. The goal is to strengthen collaboration in quality management and business analysis.

As software applications become more complex, companys need more quality and test management. This makes it possible to find errors…

Product design is about creating products that people use. Product adoption is how you can generate customers and create your position in the market. It is basically the path from the unknown product to use.

What is Product adoption?

Product acceptance begins at the moment when the user uses the functions of the product. It is the moment when the user learns about the product and uses it. The point of this stage of the Journey is to turn visitors into users.

Product acceptance can be expressed by the behavior of the user who clicks on the product for the first time. This behavior…

The growing amount of data in companies also brings with it new job descriptions and professions in the Big Data environment. The data engineer focuses on collecting and managing data. What exactly is a data engineer and how to become one, can you find in this article.

What is a data engineer?

A data engineer is an IT employee whose job is to analyze data and prepare it analytically so that everyone in the company can use the data. The field is large and represented in almost every industry. …

Motivate your team by cheering them on! Because motivation is important for the job satisfaction of the employees. And that has a measurable impact on the company’s success. It’s no secret that more and more people are working from home. This also has many advantages, time spent commuting to work is eliminated, communication with colleagues becomes more controlled and you can improve your work-life balance.

Motivating employees is the job of the team leader. This person must learn what works for each team and what doesn’t. Frequent absences and high turnover are the consequences of low employee motivation. …

In the diverse field of product management, there are many types of product managers. Among others, there are the regular product managers or the product marketing managers. The Project Marketing Manager role aims to increase the demand for the product through various marketing activities. Sales can be increased by having a good product. These roles, both Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager, are important for the growth of the company.

What is Product Marketing?

Product marketing is about bringing products to market and making sure it reaches users. The job is an interface between the product, marketing, and also sales.

It is important because…

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