What is Business Intelligence?

The tools provide insights on how to achieve growth, solve problems, future trends and more.

1. MicroStrategy
Microstrategy provides dashboards and data analysis to monitor trends and improve productivity. Data can come from spreadsheets or enterprise data softwares.

2. Yellowfin BI
The tool provides an analytics platform with visualizations and machine kernels. A large amount of data can be filtered through checkboxes and radio buttons, and dashboards can be opened anywhere.

3. datapine
This all-in-one platform gives users the ability to make the difficult processes of data analytics easier through self-service. It’s intuitive to use, and just a few clicks are all it takes to import data sources or perform analyses — even for less tech-savvy users.

4. looker
This can be used to create easy-to-read reports and dashboards. The dashboards provide a lot of insights to see relationships between tables. It offers custom apps, visualizations, and the ability to host in public clouds, among other features. The data can be searched by custom criteria and they offer external software providers to provide their own analytics knowledge in the form of apps.

5. Google Data Studio
Google’s free tool was initially a dashboard tool for Analytics, by expanding it became possible to include connectors such as Twitter, LinkedIn or MailChimp.
Data Studio is hosted in a cloud and can be used by anyone with a Google account.

Final thoughts
The business intelligence tools are a great way to gather useful information and help the company make business decisions. Collecting data from different sources can help the company measure performance and understand customers better.

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