10 Tips for managing remote agile marketing teams

  1. clear working agreements
    The expectations of the team should be clearly communicated so that there is no uncertainty on the part of the team. If the processes for remote teams are well documented, it can be very helpful for the employees to orient themselves to the new working style.
    For this purpose, it should be defined who has to be present at which meetings and when the other employees can be reached.
  2. good communication
    Especially for remote teams, communication plays an important role. Employees should therefore have good communication skills and be able to communicate in an understandable way. It is better to send one message too many or to ask again, so that there are no communication problems.
  3. hold stand-ups
    Daily touch points can help the team to communicate daily progress. In this way, the team’s work can be monitored and work as productively as possible.
  4. use video
    Remote companies often use tools for regular video conferences. Video calls can quickly clear up misunderstandings and even if there is nothing concrete to discuss, video calls allow you to work side by side as if you were sitting in the office.
  5. define clear KPIs
    KPIs are needed to ensure that time is used most effectively and that employees continue to perform well. The team should understand the goals and everyone should make his or her individual contribution to achieving the goals.
    The KPIs should also be updated regularly so that the reality is always reflected in the KPIs.
  6. keep the board up to date
    The visual representation of the tasks helps the team to keep an overview and to have the most important things in view at all times. Through a board, everyone can see which tasks still have to be done, are in progress or have already been completed. So the status of the tasks can be shared in real time.
  7. provide good infrastructure
    Internet and a suitable computer workstation are the most important requirements, but digital tools are also needed. Therefore it makes sense to provide a common standard for tools. However, the digital tools should be tested beforehand, for example by clicking into the discussion room a time before the meeting and testing the microphone.
  8. include time for spontaneous conversations
    What at first sounds rather counterproductive, however, helps to exchange the information that comes up in casual conversations at the coffee machine. During these casual conversations, information about both personal and professional matters is exchanged, motivating employees to talk about more than just work-related topics. Empathy and communication are thus improved and the team members build a good relationship.
  9. visit each other’s workplaces
    Once you have set up your workplace, you could show your team mates your workplace and encourage them to do the same. In this way you will get many new ideas and you will also get an insight into the work areas of the others.
  10. show your own availability
    The advantage in the office is that you can see who is sitting in your seat and if necessary you can ask questions. Of course this is not possible for remote work, but you can change the stature in most communication systems like Microsoft Teams or Slack. Sometimes you can also give a reason, like “back in 10 min” or “lunch break” or something similar.

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Vollcom Digital GmbH

Vollcom Digital GmbH

We are a multi-industry IT specialist for digital transformation and provide software development, IT consulting and digital analysis.

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