10 digital professions that did not exist 10 years ago

  1. influencer
    Influencers use social media platforms like Instagram to talk about brands and products and present them to followers. Companies pay influencers to test and promote their products. They use their awareness and reach to directly address customers.
  2. machine learning scientists
    …work with Machine Learning and develop algorithms. For example, methods for the prediction of product recommendations can be developed.
  3. cloud architect
    A Cloud Architect is responsible for the design of the cloud architecture and its further development. His tasks also include the implementation of App Services and Web Apps.
  4. feel good Manager
    This job has also not been around that long. A Feel Good Manager has many tasks: in general, he or she is responsible for ensuring that everyone in the company feels comfortable and that a good working environment is created.
  5. ux designer
    A UX Designer takes over the design of a user interface of e.g. a website or app. The UX Designer asks itself the following questions, for example
    - How does the website give the user added value?
    - Is it easy or intuitive to use?
  6. big Data Engineer
    He takes care of processes such as generation, preparation and storage of data. He monitors the hardware and software infrastructure. He also decides which software and services are used for analysis.
  7. data scientist
    The term data scientist can be translated as data scientist. It is a job title for a person who has the appropriate knowledge and skills to systematically evaluate large amounts of data and derive knowledge from the data. For this purpose, the data scientist uses practical methods and theoretical approaches from various sciences.
  8. social media manager
    A Social Media Manager is responsible for the company’s communication with users of social networks.
  9. supply chain manager
    One of the tasks of a supply chain manager is to coordinate the value chain of a company, for example logistics and transport. The aim is to optimize cash flows and material and information flows.
  10. data warehouse specialist
    In a company, they ensure that all information is prepared and made comparable. It creates a data warehouse of information in which the data can be analyzed and forwarded.

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