10 digital nomad jobs you can do from anywhere

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2 min readJul 26, 2022


The Digital Age comes with a lot of changes to the business world. If you only focus on the last decade you can see a lot of new jobs that formed in this time. And also many new opportunities. Remote work makes it possible for employees to enjoy their life and work from anywhere they want. All you need is the perfect digital nomad job, a portion of wanderlust and a wifi connection.

In times of remote work it is now possible for employees to make income while traveling the world.

Benefits of a digital nomad lifestyle

It is hardly surprising that digital nomad jobs has increased a lot. In times of remote work it is now possible for employees to make income while traveling the world. You have the freedom to choose your working environment and working time. At the best, you earn more while spending less — depending on the country you are working from. Another benefit is that you live a healthier lifestyle when living at your own pace. And between exploring new cultures and learning new languages you can enjoy wonderful places.

10 digital nomad jobs that allow you to work from anywhere

01. Project Manager

As a project manager you are responsible for planning and completing a specific project successfully. Different project management methods will help you with your organization and to remain on time and within budget.

02. Website Tester

As a website tester you make sure that a site or app is running the way it should be. You have a strong focus on functionality, performance, and usability. During this process you provide feedback or document bugs you encounter.

03. SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization specialists can help to track and analyze data of websites and to optimize content to increase rankings on search engines. They are also responsible for managing campaigns to increase paid traffic.

04. Scrum Master

A Scrum Master is the leader of a scrum team and helps the developers and the product owner to achieve common goals. For this, he or she supports the team to work together and helps to get problems out of the way. Learn how to become a Scrum Master on our blog.

05. UI/UX Designer

The main tasks of a UI/UX Designer is the creation of user-friendly designs and to conceptualize all forms of interaction — like how you browse through a website or the way you use an app. He or she is responsible for making a product enjoyable and accessible for users.

06. Big Data Engineer

A Big Data Engineer takes care of processes such as generation, preparation and storage of data. He or she monitors the hardware and software infrastructure and also decides which software and services are used for analysis.

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